Chicago Bike Buddies has a video!

Have you seen this beauty yet??

Please consider sharing this video so we can get more riders feeling comfortable and safe on the road! As a completely volunteer run program without any budget, we are very fortunate that Nolan Collaborative was able to make this video for us.

Happy riding, folks!!


Chicago Bike Buddies is having a BBQ and Ride!

Come hang and celebrate the warm weather!! Chicago Bike Buddies is hosting a BBQ and Ride at 4:30pm on Sunday, May 18 at Heritage Bicycles.  All are invited because we want to meet you all, vegetarian and vegan options available.


Feel free to RSVP and share the Facebook and Chainlink events.  Thanks, talk soon 🙂

Summer is upon us!

Summer is definitely heating up Chicago and the amount of bikes on the road is at its yearly high.  Its been a very exciting season for cycling in Chicago and its great that the community is continually growing. New bike lanes are constantly being laid out (Milwaukee Avenue, anyone?) and we’ve gotten an awesome bike share program called Divvy up and running.

Here at Chicago Bike Buddies, we’ve matched almost 40 riders to volunteers that are helping with bike etiquette, safety, laws, routes and anything else that could be addressed.  We’ve got a Board of Directors now, been featured in a DNAinfo article, gone a group ride and even got a Twitter account!  CBB is growing and we’re having a great time doing it.

If you’re still thinking about riding but haven’t gotten to it yet, there couldn’t be a better time to start!  Request a buddy and we’ll get your feet on those pedals and your wheels on the road.  And we promise, you’ll have a great time!!

Summertime group ride!

Summertime group ride!

10% off Helmets and Locks at Heritage for all CBB People!

Just announced at our last training session – all folks involved with CBB (mentors and students) can now receive a 10% discount on all helmets and locks from Heritage! They have some of the coolest stuff around and is definitely worth checking out to protect your bike and brain!  Their website shows their selection.

While you’re there, ask to see Alan and give him a high-five.  He’s been a great friend of ours since the beginning allowing us to hold meetings at their space and is now a new volunteer!

Also, we had a great training session on Thursday and have 8 great new volunteer bike buddies.  Some in their 20’s and others who have been commuting in Chicago for almost 20 years.  We’re ready to help you whenever you are 🙂

April Showers…

Bring bike riding season!!

As I am writing this, my computer is telling me that today’s high is 70.  Which may be hard to believe considering the recent days of rain and grey but nonetheless, Spring has arrived!!

If you’re looking to get the most out of Chicago’s warmer weather, I can’t imagine a better thing than getting around on a bike.  As my friend Rosa once said, “Its like a workout machine and convertible in one”.  For anyone who already rides, they know that those words are indeed true.

Whenever you’re ready for a buddy, don’t hesitate to get one!  We’re here, we’re ready and we’re waiting for you.

Happy Spring, happy riding!