Where we’re at…

Hello hello!

As you may have read in the last update, last night, I presented in front of a large group of people for BURN Community Project Grant.  The presentation went great and the crowd seemed to be very much into our project, but unfortunately, we did not win the money.  At the end of the night, the grant was awarded to Unspoken Words, an awesome organization that offers art programs to homeless Chicago youth.

Nonetheless, it was a successful night for sure!! We got the word out to a new community of people and had the opportunity to network with other folks doing great things in Chicago.  We may not have left with a check in our hands but we did make some connections that will improve the program and the Chicago Cycling community as whole.

Otherwise, where are we at?  We have officially trained 8 people to become Bike Buddies in May and June had started pairing folks up to do the buddy rides.  We’re still looking for folks who need the service though, so, if you are reading this, consider spreading the word and having your friends sign-up.  We really just want to help, you know?  Other than that, we’re in the process of scheduling a few more buddy training sessions in the near future.  If you haven’t yet, fill out the form to become a Bike Buddy ASAP and we’ll get to you regarding our next training session.

Hope this post finds you well!  Thanks for reading and all the support!  Ride on.


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